Dynamic Zambian Pop duo Dreamtwinz on Febuary 1st 2017 released their first ever album titled "Heyday" The album was released as a surprise to the fans as it came out just after the duo Greem and Eisenhower had announced their return to music after a four years break. Everyone was expecting a single or two but they shocked everyone and made a statement by just straight releasing this super hit Pop album Heyday.

Zambian dynamic pop duo Dreamtwinz have just launched their first ever official website httt://dreamtwinz.com for all the dream fans to have access to all thier favorite songs, music, lyrics, photos, news and more.

Up and coming dynamic pop duo Dreamtwinz will launch their first official website on 10th August 2015 to mark their official return to music making after the identical twins Greem and Einsenhower recently graduated from College.

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Download "Dreamtwinz ft Macky 2 - Surreal" for free here from the first ever Dreamtwinz album titled "Heyday" out now.

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Dreamtwinz - Heyday Album Artwork

"Heyday" album now out, Dreamtwinz first ever album. Get your copy here.


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Dreamtwinz have just released thier first ever album titled "Heyday"

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