Zambian Pop Music Duo of identical twins Dreamtwinz have finally released the title song of their premier album “Heyday“. The meaning of the word “heyday” inspired the dreamtwinz to write and compose this song to describe their courage, dertemination, and interminable spirit to go on despite struggles, covetousness and challenges faced in their journey to rise to the top in the zambian music scene.

The word ‘Heyday’ itself means a period of success, popularity, or power, prime. The song also encourages people to always believe in themselves and follow their dreams no matter what the odds or anyone else thinks, in their own words Dreamtwinz say “What makes you different makes you Dynamite”.

With an instrumental produced by Eisenhower Mwenisongole of Dreamtwinz at Twinzfly records and vocals recorded and mastered by KB of K-army records Heyday is a celebration of past achievements while at the same time acknowledging that one still needs to grow and never get comfortable no matter what level of success they attain.

Download the song below and enjoy

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Dreamtwinz - Heyday Album Artwork

"Heyday" album now out, Dreamtwinz first ever album. Get your copy here.



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Dreamtwinz Release first ever album "Heyday"
Dynamic Zambian Pop duo Dreamtwinz on Febuary 1st 2017 released their first ever album titled "Heyday" The album was released as a surprise to the fans as it came out just after the duo Greem and Eisenhower had announced their return to music

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Download "Dreamtwinz ft Macky 2 - Surreal" for free here from the first ever Dreamtwinz album titled "Heyday" out now.

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