Heyday Album by Dreamtwinz - CD

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This premier album "Heyday" by Dreamtwinz is a must have for any true Dreamtwinz fan.

"Heyday" is an eleven tracks album that has romantic, fun and deep meaningful pop songs that include:
1. I'm In Love
2. Know for Sure
3. In My Dreams
4. Heyday
5.When Memories Cry
6. Surreal Featuring Macky 2
7. Don't Mistrust Me
8. Love or Infatuation
9. If Only you Knew
10. Should've Told You
11. Live Another Day

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Download "Dreamtwinz ft Macky 2 - Surreal" for free here from the first ever Dreamtwinz album titled "Heyday" out now.

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Dreamtwinz - Heyday Album Artwork

"Heyday" album now out, Dreamtwinz first ever album. Get your copy here.


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Dreamtwinz have just released thier first ever album titled "Heyday"

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